*AIA Dallas First Place Award Winner*

AIA Dallas Design Competition

Design Team: Andrew Adkison, Brian Kuper, Lance Braht, Nicholas McWhirter

“First, the design must enhance the pedestrian experience at the park and along the Statler hotel.”

Wrapping the façade of the hotel will provide a clean, monolithic surface creating a sculptural stage-set for street level activity. Shrink wrap also conveys the notion of “preservation” — or setting the building aside temporarily while its future is being determined. We also propose that the ground plane be painted with temporary chalk paint in the same color. Every surface highlighted in orange is “marked for editing.” The orange color is selected to generate a dialogue between the green park and the white building.

“Second, the design should offer the Statler some level of protection from vandalism.”

Protection inherent in the durability of the heavy plastic wrapper will prevent damage by the casual vandal. We embrace the possibility that graffiti artists will see the wrapper as a blank canvas. Their actions would reinforce that this intervention is a prophylactic shield for the building.